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Your Trusted DEF Resource

April 30, 2021

Are you a diesel engine user or enthusiast? If you are, you must know how your diesel engine regulates combustion to reduce the amount of pollution released into the environment; it is the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a solution of urea and deionized water, that serves this particular purpose.

Blue1 Energy Equipment ensures you get recommendable retail DEF equipment for all your trucks, pickups, and SUVs to guarantee the most effective performances. As a DEF equipment retailer, we ensure that you cater to all customers at your convenience.


A Wide Range of Equipment for You

You are guaranteed the best modern and hi-tech retail DEF storage and dispensing equipment to match your requirements. Additionally, you can get customized fuel dispensers, mini-bulk dispensing systems, tote cabinets, and storage tanks that fit your budget and specific needs.

Retail Platinum and the Remote Platinum

The DEF Retail Platinum is an all-in-one unit comprising of a storage tank and a dispenser for your medium truck refill stop or convenience store. Customers can easily pull up at Verifone Commander-supported stations, fill up, make payments, and receive receipts without much hassle.

You can place the Remote Platinum DEF tank in an out-of-the-way area and use it with another compatible retail and commercial dispenser.

Work With the Best

DEF equipment is a serious investment. You want to be sure that your investment is in the best equipment from a trusted manufacturer. Blue1 Energy Equipment is working with local government agencies through its Sourcewell contract to provide petroleum storage and dispensing equipment.

The ultimate purpose of DEF equipment is environmental conservation by reducing pollutants. Retail equipment at Blue1 is environmentally friendly and meets all the EPA 2010 policies and standards.


The Bottom Line

Blue1 is the trusted DEF solutions provider throughout North America. You can know you are getting the best retail DEF storage and dispensing equipment. Contact us to learn more about our superior DEF equipment solutions.