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The Warranty period for the Blue1 Energy Equipment DEF Mini-bulk system and insulated tote cabinet is for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of testing and start-up or fifteen (15) months from the date of shipment or product availability, whichever occurs first. Each system is warranted against defects for all factory installed parts, equipment, and workmanship during this twelve month period. Parts, equipment and workmanship are defined as all vents, valves, piping, pumps, dispensers and electrical connections that are assembled at the factory prior to shipment. No warranties, either express or implied, will be extended beyond this warranty period other than the original manufacturer’s warranty. Note: Hoses, nozzles, and breakaways are limited to a 90 day warranty with labor. These parts will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty after the 90 day period.


Mini-bulk systems must be installed by an authorized Blue1 service technician. A signed and dated copy of the Training Checklist (and signed receipt of the DEF Mini-bulk Installation & Operation Manual) must be on file with the Warrantor for this Warranty to be initiated. Maintenance on the system must be performed as recommended by manufacturer. If a warranty claim is presented, the Warrantor has the option, at his sole discretion, to either; a) Repair the defective part or product, b) Replace the part or product, or, c) Refund the purchase price of that particular part or product. This warranty is for the original Owner only. It cannot be transferred or assigned without written permission from the Warrantor. Warrantor warrants each system for the original installation location only. Each Mini-bulk system is warranted for this one year period only if installed within the United States or Canada. NOTE: The Blue1 Mini-bulk system must be installed on a firm level surface (3,000 PSI) with a pitch not to exceed one-percent (1%)


This warranty does not include damages caused by acts of God, user abuse, vandalism, accidents, improper operation or failure to follow proper operating and inspection procedures as listed in the DEF Owner’s Manual. It does not include any replacement parts due to normal wear and tear. It does not include damages sustained by the delivery carrier. In no event shall the Warrantor be liable for claims of personal injury or for special incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of the fueling system or any other associated equipment cost, cost of substitute equipment or downtime costs. Under no circumstances shall the liability of Blue1 Energy Equipment or its affiliates or subsidiaries, under this warranty, exceed the purchase price of the product.