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Ultimate Dispensing Performance Pump

Are you looking for a cost-effective pump with ultimate performance that is right on a budget for your commercial fleet? Do you want to optimize your business operations while lowering the recurring expenses in day-to-day operations? Then, the TD1 pump from Blue1 is the best pump to suit your diverse needs.

The TD1 pump is designed and engineered using the latest state-of-the-art technology to optimize the dispensing of DEF from industrial containers. With its versatility, the TD1 pump is easy to mount on totes or drums to achieve a constant flow and filling rate above 6 GPM.

TD1 Features

Wondering why you should opt for a TD1 pump? Here are the features of the TD1 pump that make it the most suitable for your dispensing needs.

  • Optimum performance and quiet operation: the TD1 pump delivers high performance when dispensing DEF with low noise levels.
  • Self-Priming: Evacuates air to create a partial vacuum while discharging DEP for optimal and efficient performance.
  • Wall Mounting Systems: The pump comes with wall mounts that offer an easy and fast setup, saving installation time.
  • Built-In 6-Minute Timer: The TD1 pump has a built-in 6-minute timer to preset the dispensing period.
  • Stainless Steel Motor Shaft: Ensures efficient power transfer with minimal vibrations to achieve a long lifespan.
  • Polypropylene Housing: The housing makes the pump durable to attain long life, giving you value for money.
  • Reliable EPDM Diaphragm: Offers resistance from collusive elements.
  • Viton Check Valve: Ensures the uniform flow of liquids in one direction by preventing backflow.
  • High Flow rate: TD1 pumps are designed for ultimate performance to save on time while dispensing. The pump has a flow rate of 6-9 GPM to empty your tanks in record time.
  • 115V 60Hz, .44 HP: Energy-efficient while generating massive power for the pump.
  • High Operating Pressure: TD1 pump delivers 1.6 bar (25PSI). It saves time during operations.
  • Nozzle Hook and Hose Hanger: The nozzle hook ensures that the nozzle is held in place when not in use, while the hose hanger prevents the hose from coiling to optimize operations and safety.

How efficient is your current pump? Do you want to optimize your business operations while saving on overheads and time? Download a TD1 spec sheet to get more details.

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