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Truck Stop DEF Storage And Dispensing Solutions

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)? DEF is a fluid that is used as an exhaust after-treatment in vehicles that have diesel engines. DEF is used with Selective Catalytic Reductions systems that not only reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust but engines can run at maximum efficiency for better fuel economy and lower costs. DEF is not a fuel additive and is not flammable or explosive.

According to CNET’s Road Show,

“Where DEF really becomes critical is in big diesel engines. We don’t mean like your Cummins 6BT, we’re talking Class 8 semi-trucks. These vehicles do millions of miles over their lifespans, and their massive diesel engines go through a lot of fuel at that time. These vehicles go through a lot of DEF as you might imagine, so at truck stops, DEF is sold at the pump”.

Other vehicles that also use DEF are 2010 and later model year trucks and many diesel pickups and SUVs. Here are some options to dispense DEF at your truck stop or convenience store:

Retail Platinum

The DEF Retail Platinum all-in-one tank and dispenser is a good fit for small to medium truck stops or convenience stores. This is because the width is the same size as a fueling island. Trucks can pull up to the DEF tank and dispenser, which is Verifone Commander supported, fill their tank, pay, and get their receipt without any ado.

  • Pre-wired electrical components certified to UL-508 & CSA C22.2 standards
  • Submersible DEF pump (1/2 HP)
  • NTEP Certified Dispenser
  • EMV Certified Payment Terminal with Printer
  • Point of Sale Interface
  • 500-6,000 Gallon Storage Capacity

Remote Platinum

The Remote Platinum DEF tank can be put in an out-of-the-way area while compatible retail and commercial dispensers can be used with it.

  • Pre-wired electrical components certified to UL-508 & CSA C22.2 standards
  • Submersible DEF pump
  • Dispenser not included
  • Inventory level display with audible overfill alarm
  • HDPE primary tank with a manway
  • All models include 110% Secondary Containment
  • 500-6,000 Gallon Storage Capacity

To find out which is the best one for your truck stop or convenience store, contact us for our engineer-supported recommendation.