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The Remote Platinum DEF Pump System from Blue1 Energy Equipment

The Remote Platinum DEF Pump System from Blue1 Energy Equipment is a total package, turnkey solution to your retail or commercial fleet services. This DEF Pump system is loaded with the features and the latest cutting-edge technology that your current customers will find useful and the ones that your future customers will demand.

Today, we are highlighting the Remote Platinum DEF Pump. We will discuss its features and capabilities from the ground up, and hopefully, give you a bit of insight into this remarkable DEF pump system.

Features of The Remote Platinum DEF System from Blue1 Energy Equipment

Blue1 Energy Equipment is the national industry leader in Diesel Exhaust Fluid solutions for your fleet or your customers. We have taken our years of industry expertise to design and develop the latest in DEF systems. The Remote Platinum DEF System is the result of design and innovation ultimately evolving into this amazing product.

Here are some features of the Remote Platinum DEF System:

  • All models come with pre-wired electrical components that are certified to UL-508 & CSA C22.2 standards
  • Compatible with all retail and commercial dispensers
  • Inventory level display with audible overfill alarm for safety
  • All models come with 110% secondary containment
  • Submersible DEF system
  • Stainless steel internal piping
  • A glossy white exterior finish that will complement any surroundings
  • Atmospheric vent with protective screen cover
  • Available in models that can accommodate from 500 to 6000 gallons

This DEF system is loaded with other features as well. The entire unit is constructed on a fork-lift-ready base, so you can offload your new system and start providing this valuable service quickly and efficiently!

If you are currently looking for a DEF system or would like to discuss the Remote Platinum DEF System further, contact the team at Blue1 Energy Equipment or visit their website for more DEF system solutions!