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The Environmental Impact of DEF on Fleet Vehicles

In 2010, the EPA established a landmark set of emissions regulations that gave birth to selective catalytic reduction (SCR). SCR, in turn, made the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) an industry-standard in the world of tractor-trailer transport and large-engine, fleet vehicles.  Since then, Blue1 Energy Equipment has emerged as the nation’s leading supplier of environmentally-friendly DEF equipment.

How Does DEF Use Affect the Environment?

According to the EPA, in the decade since SCR’s inception, hazardous emissions have dropped more than 40%. Over-the-road trucking and corporate or government fleet vehicles equipped with DEF tanks have had the single greatest positive effect on that number. DEF, which is primarily a mix of urea and water, works to scrub harmful nitrous oxide out of the diesel emissions before they are emitted from the vehicle.

Blue1 Energy Equipment is fully committed to the reduction of environmentally hazardous emissions. Our products are designed to keep the environmental impact moving in the right direction while improving your diesel engine’s efficiency.

Blue1 Energy Equipment’s Fleet-Grade DEF Equipment

Our equipment offers superior value to fleets of all sizes. We offer a full line of fleet-grade DEF dispensers, pumps, and storage tanks as well as our specialized fleet service.

Our Cube 1320-G offers a doubled-walled containment tank with a 6 GPM 120v pump that’s perfectly suited to smaller sized fleets. Our full-sized Commercial Platinum with its built-in dispenser hose, UL-508, and CSA C22.2 certified, pre-wired electrical components, and customizable tank available in sizes ranging from 500 to 6,000 gallons is designed with larger fleets in mind.  Our website features additional products and tank sizes to address all your diesel fleet needs.

Helping the Environment While Servicing Your Fleet

Blue1 Energy Equipment is proud of the positive effect that our DEF storage and dispensing products have on the environment, and we are equally proud to service diesel fleets all over North America. We are able to supply your government entity, corporation, or educational institution with the best in DEF products through our partnership with Sourcewell. To browse our full line of commercial DEF pumps, tanks, and dispensers, or to inquire about our fleet services, please contact us today.