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The Blue1 Cube: DEF Solutions Anywhere You Need

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used to help diesel engines burn their fuel cleaner and more efficiently. Some of the harshest environments on earth require the power of a diesel engine to conquer them. However, temperature extremes can make DEF use problematic. Blue1 Energy Equipment’s DEF storage and dispensing solutions provide the perfect option for DEF use in harsh environments.

Effect of Cold Weather on DEF

DEF is a mixture of urea and deionized water. As a result, it freezes at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Many environments across the North American landscape get much colder.

In addition to a relatively high freezing point, DEF expands rapidly as it freezes, gaining in excess of 7% of its volume. A standard tank does little to protect the fluid inside. That’s where the Blue1 Cube DEF Dispenser comes in.

How the Blue1 Cube Protects Against Harsh Environments

The Blue1 Cube is a dispensing solution that can easily be installed wherever your business takes you. Simply set the self-contained unit on the dispensing island and you’re ready to go. The Blue1 Cube comes in three convenient sizes with a 400, 660, or 1320 gallon tank.

The Blue1 Cube is crafted with the integrity of its contents in mind. It features a double-walled, polyethylene containment system. The outer wall holds 110% of the inner tanks’ capacity in case of expansion leaks due to cold weather. The Blue1 cube also features the added safety of an external lock system that protects the pumping system.

For added protection against the cold, the self-contained dispenser comes with a 400-watt heater and automatic thermostat. You can purchase an optional immersion heater to keep the fluid itself warm in extreme weather conditions. The unit includes a layer of foam insulation for extra protection as well.

Full Line of DEF Solutions to Fit Your Situation

Shipping, transportation, and construction are vital industries that have to operate despite the harshest of conditions. Blue1 Energy Equipment is proud to be North America’s leader in DEF tanks and dispensing solutions. For a full product listing, please visit our website today or contact us for more information.