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Strong and Durable Dispensing Solutions

Are you looking to acquire diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing solutions for your business and clients? Look no further; Blue1 Energy Equipment has the product you need. Like our other products, the Cube-1320g is designed with quality features to serve all your storage and dispensing needs.

Blue1 Energy Equipment is the nation’s leading manufacturer and provider of storage and dispensing equipment.

Key Features and Components

Cube-1320g is a sizeable DEF storage container made with solid materials that make it strong and durable. It has many valuable features and components. It is an approved and recommended storage unit during general construction. In addition, it is fully assembled and pre-wired for you.

  • The cube is a fully assembled, self-contained, heated DEF tank and pumping system available in a 400 or 660-gallon capacity double wall unit.
  • The high-density polyethylene outer and inner shell provides double wall tank construction.
  • The cube’s lockable hinged lid provides additional security and protects the pumping system from inclement weather.
  • A 25-foot spring rewind hose reel with a stainless-steel automatic nozzle and integrated holster is conveniently located and protected.
  •  A 400-watt deck heater with an automatic thermostat is included as standard equipment to prevent the pumping system from freezing during cold conditions.
  • It has an optional pulse Meter that allows the user to connect o most card reader systems.

Your Storage and Dispensing Solution

At Blue 1 Energy Equipment, we have some of the most recognizable fleets as our consumers. Our employees and agents are always a phone call away. For inquiries and more information, contact us at Blue1 Energy Equipment.