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Quality Products For Your DEF Storage Needs

Is your fleet management company looking for a new Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage solution? Since the Environmental Protection Agency mandated the use of DEF in 2010, two things have happened.

  1. DEF is now widely used and,
  2. DEF storage solutions are now widely sold to government agencies, individuals, and fleet companies like yours.

If you are in one of those categories and find yourself looking for a DEF storage solution, why not take a look at the DEF storage industry leader, Blue1 Energy Equipment, located in Greenville, South Carolina.

When Storage Size Matters

Blue1 Energy Equipment is the ‘go-to’ for Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage and dispensing. The Commercial Platinum DEF storage unit is a prime example of the Blue1 commitment to providing quality products for DEF storage.

The Commercial Platinum is available in sizes from a 500-gallon to a 6000-gallon DEF storage capacity.

Look at these benefits that are built into every model of the Commercial Platinum:

  • All units come pre-wired to conform to UL-508 and CSA C22.2 standards
  • 1/2 HP DEF Pump (submersible)
  • Built-in dispenser w/20ft hose reel
  • Card reader ability
  • Magnetized mis-fill prevention nozzle, swivel-breakaway, and spare magnetic collar
  • Inventory level prominently displayed, and an audible overfill alarm
  • HDPE primary storage tank with a man-way
  • All Commercial Platinum Models come with 110% secondary containment
  • Insulated FRP panels

The Commercial Platinum features include the glossy white exterior finish that will complement any surroundings, a hinged roof with pneumatically assisted hinges, quality stainless steel piping, and they all come with forklift capable bases and from 500-gallon to 6000-gallon sizes to handle any size fleet!

Spec Sheets for The Commercial Platinum

Take a look at these downloadable engineered drawings for the Commercial Platinum and see what size will work best for your particular application!

COM 3400-6000
COM 2000
COM 500-End Dispense
COM 1000-Left Dispense
COM 1000-Dual Dispense
COM 750-Right Dispense
COM 500-Left Dispense
Commercial Platinum Specifications Sheet

There is a Commercial Platinum DEF storage solution for your needs. Contact us or visit our website today and see all of our quality DEF storage products!