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Moving DEF Safely and Efficiently

Good storage and quality dispensing equipment are not enough to guarantee the quality of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Therefore, it is crucial to have a suitable means of moving DEF in various working environments to avoid damages that could consequentially become detrimental to engines. One such means are drum carts.

Overview of Blue1 Energy’s DEF Drum Cart

You want a drum cart that is safe and reliable enough for your DEF solution. It features a Blue1 diaphragm-style DEF pump, which comes with a DEF hose of up to 20 feet.

These drum carts are completely closed systems, allowing you, the DEF end-user, to safely and efficiently move a 55-gallon drum to your DEF pump or dispenser. This drum cart is ideal for anyone and any environment.

Features and Advantages

  • Easily compatible with Blue1’s TD1 and TD12V DEF pumps. If you don’t have one of our ISO-certified DEF pumps already or are looking to switch, don’t hesitate to reach us.
  • It fits a standard 55-gallon drum perfectly.
  • Comes with a 10- or 20-foot dispensing hose.
  • Has a lockable front wheel for safety whenever you need to stop.
  • It’s durable and heavy-duty, making it ideal even for rough environments like construction sites.
  • Has a closed and secure system for use in various environments.
  • Has a battery mount option for use in areas without an electricity connection.
  • Comes fitted with Blue1’s High Flow Valve and Coupler.
  • Its durability is enhanced with a 16-gauge steel body.

It is worth noting that Blue1’s Drum Cart DOESN’T come with the drum.

We Are Here for All Your DEF Requirements

Blue1 Energy Equipment is a leading DEF solutions provider across North America. All our products and equipment meet ISO 22241-3, 4, and PEI RP-1100 standards and conform to UL-508A and CSA C22.2 electrical specifications.

Please contact us today for our DEF drum carts or other high-quality and dependable DEF equipment.