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Keep Your DEF Pure With Our Storage and Dispensing Solutions

The proper storage and dispense of DEF is essential to getting the most benefit out of this vital emissions component. While there are no direct health risks associated with exposure, failure to follow important guidelines and procedures can contaminate the product, rendering it useless and resulting in unneeded expense.

At Blue1 Energy Equipment, we take every precaution in DEF storage by using these quality and reliable containment and dispensing solutions for home or commercial use.


The Cube-1320g is one of our larger storage containers, but it certainly is not without durability. With double-wall containment and hinged lockable lid, the Cube-1320g container holds 110% of inner tank volume, has an integral sump, electronic overfill sensor, and is approved for general construction inspection.

Commercial Platinum

If the Cube-1320g is not a good fit for your company’s DEF storage demands, look no further than our Commercial Platinum model. This versatile container can hold 500-6,000 gallons of DEF and features pre-wired electrical components, a submersible DEF pump, and an intuitive inventory display.

Northern EasyTank

With two inches of closed-cell foam insulation and a polyester reinforced tank wrap, our Northern EasyTank model can store up to 20,000 gallons of DEF. This container features a mounted and remote dispenser with a turbine flow meter and TD10-115V diaphragm pump. The mounted dispense cabinet has a 25-foot hose reel while the remote dispense pedestal features 20-foot/6-foot dispense suction hoses.

Southern EasyTank

Like the Northern EasyTank, the Southern EasyTank can store up to 20,000 gallons of DEF. The Southern EasyTank has more optional features such as a 25-foot hose reel for either the pedestal or mounted cabinet, pulse meter, liquid level indicator, and polyester reinforced fabric tank wrap.

Tote Cabinet

One of the more popular models in our dispense line has a host of features, including pre-wired certified electrical components, weatherproof insulated housing, lockable heavy-duty door handles, and an optional built-in dispenser. The tote cabinet can blend into many places with its smooth glossy white finish.

Blue1Econ System

For those companies seeking a less costly storage solution, the Blue1Econ System can meet your needs. This container utilizes a dispensing assembly with a 15-foot hose with a mis-fill prevention nozzle with auto-shutoff.

In addition, we offer models with up to 6,000 gallons of capacity. These models include the Retail Platinum, Remote Platinum, 3rd Party Dispenser Platinum, and Southern Retail Dispenser. Visit our website for more information on these versatile dispense solutions.

The goal of an efficient DEF container system is to safely store the product at an optimal temperature to prevent contamination and settling. At Blue1 Energy Equipment, we can provide a fully integrated storage and dispensing system for any fleet size. Contact us for more information on our vast selection of equipment to meet your DEF storage and dispensing needs.