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Fuel Storage Tanks

Blue1 above-ground fueling systems

Our Blue1 aboveground fuel storage tanks and fueling systems are custom designed, self-contained, systems that can be installed and functional in less than two days. Every storage tank meets NFPA 30/30A and UFC code requirements. Both single wall and double wall UL-142 and UL-2085 tanks are available from 1,000 gallons up to 30,000 gallon storage capacity. Every customized, turnkey fueling system is built to strict Blue1 quality standards to meet your site-specific needs. These turn-key, plug-and-play systems are ideal for future relocation.

Safe, Pre-wired and Heavy Duty

Environmentally Safe Design

Our exclusive low-profile steel platform includes a dispenser containment bin that protects your property (and the environment) from dripping nozzles and tank overfills.

Pre-wired, Factory Installed Components

All applicable components are pre-wired and factory installed to ensure our strict, consistent quality control standards are maintained. This significantly reduces installation time and expense.

Heavy Duty Armor Paint Protection

All our tanks, components and factory installed piping and fittings are painted with a zinc-based primer that inhibits rust and corrosion. The entire system is then painted with a heavy duty, high gloss polyurethane finish that extends the life of your investment.

Customized Equipment Options

Equipment options and orientation are all designed to meet your site-specific fleet and operational needs. We can design and build systems for gasoline or ethanol blends, diesel, bio-diesel and renewable diesel usage.

When you invest in a Blue1 fueling system, you will save $.05 to $.15 per gallon by purchasing your fuel in bulk versus paying retail prices. Depending on your actual monthly and annual fuel usage, your annual savings may result in a Return On Investment of two to three years or less. Call us today to discuss more details on this subject.

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