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DEF Storage

Blue1 Energy Equipment (formerly Blue1USA) offers a broad range of DEF storage solutions. Every unit is engineered to provide reliable service and long term value. Our complete range of DEF storage systems offers fleet owners the ability to choose the proper solution for their fleet size.

Blue1 Mini-Bulk Storage Systems

We custom engineer every system with cutting edge technology to meet your unique requirements. Every Blue1 mini-bulk system is pre-wired for quick and cost-effective installation. The exterior has an aesthetically pleasing glossing white finish that never rusts or corrodes. Since the DEF fluid is susceptible to extreme hot and cold climates, our systems are all insulated composite materials for both cold and hot weather climates. Easier permitting comes standard with the Blue1 mini-bulk system as it conforms to the highest electrical standards, per UL-508A and CSA C22.2. And you can have peace of mind that comes with protecting your DEF fluid from potential contamination with our strict manufacturing standards that meet ISO 22241-3,4 and PEI RP-1100.

Consider the features and benefits for each of these standard systems:

  • Forklift Slots. Provide easy and inexpensive unloading and relocating. No expensive crane is required.
  • Hinged Roof With Pneumatic Hinges. Open the roof easily and safely for an maintenance and inspections.
  • Leak-proof Design. Our stainless steel piping with press fittings and dry-break fill port eliminates drips and spills during product delivery.
  • Narrow, Compact Footprint. Provides the most convenient and productive placement of each system for maximum driver fueling production.

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Commercial MB
commercial mini bulk DEF storage

Commercial Mini-Bulk Storage

Our most popular model. Perfect for government, commercial fleets and card lock locations. The built-in dispensing system includes a 20’ hose and reel assembly, automatic shutoff nozzle with magnetic flap and swivel/breakaway. Compatible with all major card reader systems. Weights and measures upgrade. Narrow footprint for convenient fuel island installation.

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Remote Mini-Bulk Storage

Larger sizes provide flexible location options for piping to adjacent fuel lanes. Robust submersible pump supports multiple dispensers. Available from 500 to 6,000 gallon capacity.

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remote mini bulk def storage
naked def tank

Blue1 Econ System

Ideal for warm weather sites who are looking for an affordable solution that includes all the standard turnkey components. Each system includes a 15’ hose, nozzle and swivel/breakaway. Narrow footprint is available in 500, 750 and 1,000 gallon sizes.

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Blue1 Box

The Blue1Box™ is the perfect solution for the commercial fleet owner who wants to purchase DEF in bulk. This 1,000 gallon economical DEF storage and dispensing system offers an attractive combination of quality and price.  The Blue1Box™ is engineered to the highest industry standards and including many of the same proven, quality features as our insulated Mini-bulk systems. These cost effective systems will fit into any equipment budget.

Blue1Box™ key features include:

  • Narrow, Compact Footprint. The Blue1Box™ has a compact – 46″ by 110″ – footprint that allows the unit to be installed on most fuel islands or other fueling areas with space constraints
  • Secondary Containment. The molded HDPE exterior shell provides important secondary containment.
  • Pre-wired, Turnkey components. Stainless steel piping & dry-break adapter, magnetic nozzle with auto shutoff, swivel/breakaway, an inventory level gauge and audible overfill alarm.

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blue1 def box
custom def storage box

3rd Party Dispenser Mini-Bulk

Our mini-bulk with built in 3rd party dispenser is an excellent turn-key system for customers who want to include a Wayne of Gasboy dispenser. We factory install the Weights & Measure certified, DEF dispensers inside of our insulated housing for a plug and play design. These popular systems are designed for retail and card lock applications. The factory integrated dispenser can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of the installation.

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Tote Cabinets

For your small fleet or temporary solution. The Blue1 tote cabinets are built to protect one or two DEF totes. Made of the same insulated material as our mini-bulk systems to protect your DEF product from cold and hot temperatures. Options include an economical fold down door or built-in dispenser door with hose, reel assembly, nozzle and swivel/breakaway.

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def tote cabinet

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