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Blue1 Transfer Cart

The Blue1 Transfer Cart is the ideal solution for distributors needing an affordable and portable system for the bulk transfer of DEF. Blue1’s TC10 flooded suction pump offers an open flow rate of 35+ GPM with no priming and minimal maintenance. Weights and Measures approved meter and register, air eliminator, and dual filters ensure DEF is delivered quickly, accurately, and contamination-free. With a variety of nozzle and fitting packages available, the TTC can be customized to fit any bulk transfer application.

  • 1-3 HP Pumps Available. Gas Powered or Electric
  • Weights and Measures Approved Meter and Register With Ticket Printer
  • Air Eliminator With Filtration System
  • Hose Reel With Integrated Roller Guides. Variety of Sizes and Lengths Available
  • Quick Disconnect or Dry-Break Fittings. Drumming Nozzle Available.
  • 4’ x 4’ Approximate Footprint