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The Blue1 TD1 is a self-priming, diaphragm style pump designed for cost-effective use with drums, totes and via a wall mount system. Engineered and constructed to meet the rigors of dispensing DEF from industrial containers, this pump’s universal mounting bracket is designed for optimal versatility. The TD1 can be set up in minutes; combined with the Blue1 High Flow Valve and Coupler system, it can systematically deliver pure DEF. Every TD1 will provide the customer with instant flow and filling rates above 6 GPM. This pump can be used in many different DEF applications and will provide excellent results. Whether dispensing from a drum or tote, the TD1 provides the end-user with an excellent flow of DEF at an affordable price. All pump systems come with a convenient nozzle hook and hose hanger.

Blue1’s TD10 is a reliable, workhorse design which provides the complete out of the box experience for the drum and tote user. The robust enclosed bracket design ensures protection from the harshest environmental conditions. Designed to provide the end-user with a complete closed system DEF dispensing experience, the TD10 is a simple and cost effective self-priming DEF pump solution. Take it out of the box and plug it in, connect it to the drum or tote and you are ready for DEF dispensing.


The Blue1 TD12V diaphragm pump is built for use in mobile DEF operational platforms. Either in the back of a truck bed or out in the field, the TD12V provides optimal flexibility. End users will love using this pump because it is self-priming, has excellent performance and time tested reliability. Our universal mounting bracket allows for a simple set up on the user’s desired container style or size. Once the bracket is securely mounted, connect the 12-volt external power source and you are ready to pump DEF. The Blue1 TD12V is perfect for all your off-road needs.

Titan’s TD10-12V is a powerful diaphragm pump built to stand up to the demands of DEF dispensing. The TD10-12V’s built in micro switch offers on demand pumping and is ready to perform whenever needed. The CE certification assures compliance with electrical safety standards.


The Blue1 TC1 centrifugal pump is designed to handle the stringency of the DEF industry while providing economical, on-demand pumping for the end-user. This mid-range, high-performance pump is purpose-built for use with totes and tanks. Every TC1 comes with a Blue1 SureStop™ pressure switch that automatically senses inactivity with the pump. This 3/4 HP pump offers excellent lift and carry characteristics and will work with a wide variety of DEF applications.

The Blue1 TED1 is the perfect and affordable solution for low volume shops and a better alternative to a manual hand pump when pumping from drums.


The Blue1 TM1 is the perfect and affordable solution for low volume shops or as an emergency backup when an electric pump isn’t an option.