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Drum Cart

The Blue1 DEF drum cart is designed for extended service lift and easy use in a variety of operational environments. Our DEF drum carts feature a Blue1 diaphragm style DEF pump and up to 20 ft. of DEF hose. This is a complete, closed system that allows the end-user to safely move a 55-gallon drum to the point of dispense.

The Blue1 TPDU-P features the same convenience, portability, and durability of the PDU-M, but in a slightly lighter weight package. Made from ISO 22241 compliant rotationally molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE,) the TPDU-P is UV and rust-resistant for years of service in the harshest of conditions.


The Blue1 Portable Dispensing Unit (TPDU-M) is a DEF compliant, enclosed, secure mobile dispensing system. Our PE tank is ISO 22241 compliant for use with DEF. The TPDU-M comes with an easy to lift, hinged lid that keeps equipment and DEF free from dust and debris and the locking arm keeps the lid open when in use. The TPDU-M has a tamper-proof locking system for total security. This unique dispensing system is housed in heavy-duty powder-coated carbon steel with a rust-resistant finish. The outside view strip allows the operator to monitor DEF levels.