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blueChip Retail Dispenser Review

When you go shopping for a retail dispenser, there are several factors you have to consider. You want durable equipment with convenient features for your operations. At Blue1 Energy Equipment, we are the leaders in sourcing DEF storage and dispensing equipment for clients in the United States and Canada.

We understand the plight of truck shops and retail sites when it comes to fuel dispensers. That is why we bring to you the blueChip retail dispenser, designed with consideration of your government agencies, businesses, or organizational needs.

Features and Specifications

ISO 22241 Standards

When choosing a retail dispenser, you have to confirm its compliance with the right standards. The blueChip Retail Dispenser meets ISO 22241 standards, thus guarantees you safety from harm.

With compliance to this standard that focuses on handling and storing fuel, you are assured that there won’t be corrosion of devices such as valves, hoses, gaskets, containers, tubes, and more. Additionally, it means that you are getting equipment made to the correct specifications.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The blueChip Retail Dispenser is made of heavy-duty steel material, contributing to its durability and corrosion resistance. Therefore, even after several years, the fuel you dispense is free from contamination.

Convenient Financial Features

Even as you look at the technical features, it is smart to consider other aspects, such as the convenience of payments. The blueChip Retail Dispenser comes with an EMV payment terminal, and on top of that, there is a printer. It also integrates the site controller with the Point of Sale system. With the blueChip Dispenser, you won’t have security concerns since its service door is lockable.


When looking for a retail dispenser, you want equipment designed to consider all factors from safety to convenience in usage. The blueChip Retail Dispenser is Blue 1 NTEP certified, assuring you that all of its components have undergone approval tests for optimum quality.

Convenient Design and Integrations

The blueChip Retail Dispenser design focuses a lot on convenience when you are carrying out your operations. It integrates the nozzle holster with the auto nozzle. Besides, it has a high hose hanger that holds the hose in position when not in use. This equipment comes with dimensions of 25 inches wide, 25 inches long, and 95 inches tall for the attendant’s convenience.

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The blueChip Retail Dispenser comes with different options, which you can choose according to your convenience. These include dispense configurations (single or dual), thermostatic control on the heater or heating systems, and enclosed cell foam insulation.

Blue1 Energy Equipment has worked with the most prominent companies in the industry. We are experienced in project management and DEF equipment.

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