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Blue1 Energy Equipment’s Retail Platinum: First Class Customer Experience

In today’s fast-paced economy, diesel-burning vehicles are more essential than ever. A wide range of industries, from over-the-road trucking to construction vehicles to mass transportation, are increasingly reliant on the benefit of diesel exhaust fluid. It is necessary for service stations,  fleet managers, and auto repair shops to have the right diesel exhaust fluid dispenser installed to meet the industry’s increasing demand.

Today we’re going to focus on the Retail Platinum product and its quality-of-life features that make it a piece of equipment that is reliable and easy to operate.

The Blue1 Retail Platinum’s Specifications

The Retail Platinum DEF dispenser offers vendors a quality pump system that combines top of the line engineering with a sleek, modern look. The Retail Platinum features:

  • UL-508 and CSA C22.2 certified electrical components
  • A ½ horsepower submersible DEF pump
  • NTEP Weights & Measures certification
  • HDPE-manufactured tank
  • Overfill alarm with inventory management display
  • Secure fittings that are guaranteed to be leakproof
  • Customizable capacity available in sizes ranging from 500-6,000 gallons


The Retail Platinum’s quality construction comes housed in an aesthetic, glossy white finish complete with secure, lockable service access. The unit is eye-catching and built to last.

The Customer Experience

The Retail Platinum isn’t just designed with the vendor in mind. The DEF dispenser contains a full suite of features designed to ensure a great customer experience. The unit’s quality of life features include:

  • Certified EMV customer payment interface
  • Hengstler thermal printers designed to stand up to the elements
  • Compatible with most POS systems on the market
  • Seamless integration into cardlock stations

The Best in Retail DEF Dispensers

The Retail Platinum is a diesel exhaust fluid dispensing system that aims for a high level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, it is designed to be a workhorse, manufactured using the highest quality, professionally certified components.

If you are looking for the best in retail DEF pumps, contact us for more information on the Retail Platinum today.