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Blue1 Energy, Sourcewell and Polk County

In the bustling Polk County in central Florida, where efficient fleet management is essential, upgrading fuel infrastructure has become a pressing priority. With a vision to bring their fuel island up to compliance, modernize their fuel islands, and optimize operations, Robert Biller, the Fleet Management Director for Polk County, spearheaded the initiative. His experience working with Blue1 Energy Equipment on turnkey fuel island upgrade projects over the last two years speaks volumes about the success achieved through collaboration.

Addressing Challenges

Polk County faced several challenges that needed immediate attention. Robert Biller noted that “Polk County wanted to eliminate our aging single-walled tanks as well as the old corroded electrical systems at the fuel islands.” The need to install double-walled tanks while adhering to strict space constraints and minimizing downtime for customers posed significant hurdles.

The Blue1 Energy Equipment Solution

Blue1 proved to be the ideal partner for Polk County’s fueling infrastructure upgrade needs. Blue1 is a nationwide provider of turnkey fuel island solutions, specializing in tank removals and Aboveground Fueling System installations. Blue1 provided a turnkey solution for the removal of outdated tanks and installed two 15,000 Gal UL-2085 AST Systems, pumps, dispensers, and all required appurtenances to bring this facility into compliance. Robert Biller shared, “The nicest thing about working with the Blue1 team was that I was always able to reach out and get in immediate contact with the job site supervisor or manager.” This open communication ensured that the project progressed smoothly, with work crews accommodating Polk County’s scheduling requirements and delivering exceptional results.


Key Benefits

  1. Efficient Execution: Despite the complexities involved, Blue1 Energy Equipment executed the projects with precision and efficiency. The work crews’ dedication, willingness to work late, and early starts ensured timely completion without compromising on quality.
  2. Compliance and Safety: By installing double-walled tanks and upgrading electrical systems, Polk County achieved compliance with stringent regulations while enhancing safety measures to protect the environment and prevent fuel leaks.
  3. Streamlined Procurement: Leveraging the Sourcewell contract streamlined the procurement process for Polk County. Robert Biller emphasized, “The Sourcewell contract eliminated the need for weeks of solicitations for bids and protest periods.” This allowed for seamless execution of the project within crucial deadlines.

Testimonial and Recommendation

Reflecting on the experience, Robert Biller enthusiastically recommended Blue1 Energy Equipment to other organizations seeking fueling systems upgrades or new installations. He praised Blue1 for their timely completion, professionalism, and standardized installations. “I recommend Blue1 without any reservations,” he stated. “Open communication was the key to the success of our three projects.”


The partnership between Polk County and Blue1 Energy Equipment along with the utilization of the Sourcewell Contract exemplifies the transformative impact of collaboration in overcoming challenges and achieving success. By investing in innovative fueling solutions and leveraging strategic partnerships, Polk County has positioned itself for long-term operational efficiency and sustainability. As they look ahead to future projects, Polk County can rely on Blue1 as a trusted partner dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way.