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Ultimate Dispensing Performance Pump

Are you looking for a cost-effective pump with ultimate performance that is right on a budget for your commercial fleet? Do you want to optimize your business operations while lowering the recurring expenses in day-to-day operations? Then, the TD1 pump from Blue1 is the best pump to suit your diverse needs.

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Quality Products For Your DEF Storage Needs

Is your fleet management company looking for a new Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage solution? Since the Environmental Protection Agency mandated the use of DEF in 2010, two things have happened. DEF is now widely used and, DEF storage solutions are now widely sold to government agencies, individuals, and fleet companies

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The Perfect Mobile Dispensing Solution

Are you in need of a convenient, portable, and durable dispensing unit for your fleet management team? Then, take a look at the TPDU-P from Blue1 Energy Equipment. A Total Package Solution for Your Mobile Dispensing Needs The TPDU-P is just slightly lighter than the TPDU-M offered by Blue1 Energy

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Providing Reliable Storage Solutions

If you are a business that relies on diesel engines to power your operation, you know the importance of having a reliable source of DEF storage. Commercial platinum DEF storage is the best way to ensure that you always have access to this vital exhaust treatment. Here are three reasons

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Colder Climate DEF Storage Solutions

Storing DEF requires extra precautions in colder climates, requiring insulation to protect the DEF from solidifying. With 2-inch closed-cell foam insulation, Blue1’s Northern EasyTank is the perfect solution for cold weather DEF storage. The Northern EasyTank conforms to all ISO 22241 standards. Features 2″ layer closed-cell foam insulation Polyester reinforced

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The Best DEF Dispenser on the Market

The blueCHIP Retail Dispenser is the best dispensing solution for diesel exhaust fluid on the market. This Blue1 NTEP certified dispenser is built with heavy-duty steel made to last and conforms to all ISO 22241 standards. Features High hose hanger Integrated nozzle holster w/ auto nozzle Single or dual dispenser configurations

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Moving DEF Safely and Efficiently

Good storage and quality dispensing equipment are not enough to guarantee the quality of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Therefore, it is crucial to have a suitable means of moving DEF in various working environments to avoid damages that could consequentially become detrimental to engines. One such means are drum carts.

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Dynamic Features, Optimal Flexibility

The Blue1 TD12V diaphragm pump is the perfect turnkey solution used in the DEF operational systems. It is the ultimate package used in your commercial fleet services. The TD12V diaphragm pump has impressive features and, more so, is fitted with the latest technology to satisfy customers. Its dynamic features and

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The Southern EasyTank for DEF Storage

Implementing the proper DEF storage solution is essential for medium and heavy-duty vehicle fleet facilities. Though DEF is a non-hazardous solution, improper storage exposes the fluid to fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight exposure, reducing its shelf life. As a result, DEF must be stored in ISO-approved containers with proper dispensing

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