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Affordable Solutions with a Full Range of DEF Pumps

The rest of the world may be at a standstill, or just starting to move again, but the national transportation industry never stopped. Amidst soaring demand, engines in the United States have been working harder than ever, and that means the suppliers who keep those engines purring have been driving hard too.

Blue1 Energy Equipment knows how important it is to keep things running smoothly, but also that this isn’t a time to invest in infrastructure beyond what you need. That is why we make sure to offer a full range of products to accommodate all end-users, whether you need mobile solutions, drum and tote pumps, or just a back-up solution for emergency scenarios.

Low Volume Solutions

The Blue1 TM1 is a classic piston hand-pump outfitted with a 10′ hose designed to fit standard 55-gallon drums. This pump will serve perfectly for low-volume users, as it can dispense at a rate of up to 5 GPM. Keeping one of these on hand means you won’t need to worry about an electricity failure grinding all your work to a halt; when things get tough, the tough switch to the hand pump.

A step up from the Blue1 TM1 is Blue1’s TED1 which is a self-priming pump compatible with AC or battery power. The TED1 fits all standard 55-gallon drums and will keep DEF flowing up to 5 GPM, with a 15-minute automatic shut-off for AC versions. This pump provides the flow you need, making sure you can keep your work moving.

More Options for More Need

Keeping our shipping, transportation, and construction companies moving has never been more critical. As a leader in the industry, Blue1 Energy Equipment is proud to offer DEF storage and dispensing solutions to customers across North America. For a full listing of all of our products, please visit our website or contact us today.