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A Problem Solver For Industrial Operations

December 22, 2022

Transfer skids are an essential component of any industrial operation. They provide a secure, reliable, and efficient means for transferring materials from one location to another. Transfer skids are composed of several components that allow for the movement of the entire system or individual parts, depending on the application. In addition, skid frames can be stationary or mobile, with mounting options to attach. The Blue1 Energy Transfer Skid offers you a top-notch transfer solution to handle any job. With our quality artistry and top-notch material selection, you can rest assured that our skid is made of the best materials.

 Key Features of the Transfer skid

If you’re looking for a transfer skid that’s made to last, Blue1 has what you need. We have the only transfer skid for the retail and commercial market that’s made to hold up to heavy loads and extreme temperatures. Here are some of its key features:
  • The skid is designed for various applications and comes with a 1-3 horsepower pump (gas-powered and electric).
  • Has an approved ticket printer for weights and measurements.
  • A complete unit with a filtration system. It has an air eliminator with a filtration system that removes gases and dust from the air before they enter the engine.
  • It has a hose reel with integrated roller guides, making it easy to handle while ensuring a smooth, secure connection between the transfer skid and the hose reel.
  • Features quick disconnect or dry-break fittings. This makes the installation of the skid simple.
  • It features a 4′ x 4′ approximate footprint, giving you plenty of room to move your equipment around. The design also makes it easy to store and transport, making it ideal for any environment.

Your Reliable Partner in Storage and Dispensing Equipment

At Blue1 Energy Equipment, our transfer skids are the best solution for storage and dispensing. Our equipment is durable and easy to use. If you’d like more information about our skids, contact us today.