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A Durable Dispensing Choice

If you’re a tote or drum user, the last thing you want is a dysfunctional pump that causes injector failures or the danger of expensive catalysts. Also, when the pump is substandard, it may have seals or faulty joints that creep crystals formed by urea in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). To avoid these problems, you need a precisely engineered pump. TD10 offers the ultimate complete closed system for DEF dispensing. Read on to find out more about this unique pump system.

TD10 Pump System Features:

● Blue1 flow meter

● unique Blue1 micro switch

● powder-coated bracket

● 12V and 115V versions

Why Choose the TD10 Pump System?

Easy to Use

There are no complications when using the TD10 pump. Once you purchase it, plug the pump in, then connect it to the tote or drum, and you’re good to go. The TD10 is also self-priming, reducing the manpower required for its operation.

Fast Flow

It has a flow rate of 5-7 GPM. With this pump system, you will not spend much time dispensing DEF. If you deal with customers, they’ll receive faster services hence good returns.


Considering its features that provide a top-notch dispensing experience, TD10 will give you value for your money.

On-Demand Dispensing

Its unique micro switch helps you dispense on demand. This reduces wastage that would occur due to prior dispensing.

Get a Reliable DEF Pump

The TD10 is the ultimate dispensing solution for you. Its workhouse design makes it reliable in offering exceptional pumping experience. If you want to buy a dispensing pump or replace your current one, look no further than Blue1. It is the most experienced and reliable resource for obtaining and operating the pump. Contact us today to learn more about it and to purchase your package.