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A Dispenser For Retail Pumping

July 25, 2022

Blue1 Energy Equipment is committed to providing high-quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing solutions. As the leading manufacturers in this space, we’re happy to present our 3rd party dispenser platinum to you! This DEF dispenser is perfect for retail pumping, including fleet fueling.

Why You Should Get The 3rd Party Dispenser Platinum

It Keeps Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pure

Contamination is a huge concern for anyone who handles DEF. 3rd party dispenser platinum is built of high-grade internal components to avoid contamination of the DEF. The piping is made of stainless steel to ensure no corrosion of the dispenser components by the DEF. This, together with the plastic tank and insulated FRP panels, keeps the DEF pure and seals the deal on the dispenser’s durability. If your filling station is public-facing, this is a must-have quality.

The 3rd Party Dispenser Platinum is Super-Efficient

This dispenser is fitted with a high-functioning submersible pump, ensuring a fast-paced filling environment. As a result, it can go up to impressive depths. The dispenser also has a modern inventory display to ensure you or your team are always prepared. Other notable features that improve its efficiency include the 2″ dry brake adapters, leak-proof press fittings, and forklift-compatible base frame.

High Adaptability

Warm temperatures? No problem! The dispenser platinum is fitted with a factory-integrated warm weather dispenser. The sealed system(s) also aligns with ISO 22241-3, 4 material standards. At the same time, it is pre-wired to meet UL-508 and CSA C22.2 electrical standards. Not to mention, the roof is removable.

Get the 3rd Party Dispenser Platinum Today

If you’re looking for a game-changing DEF dispenser for retail, commercial, or government installation, don’t gamble. Contact us to learn more about this excellent DEF dispenser. Our DEF storage and dispensing solutions save you time, money, and stress.