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3 Tips on Storing DEF to Maintain Quality

January 14, 2021

Fleets require high-quality DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to ensure their engines are always working at peak levels. However, most people do not know how to store their DEF effectively to maintain quality. Here are 3 tips to ensure that you preserve your diesel exhaust fluid quality.

1. Proper Equipment

Understand that the functionality and quality of the pieces of equipment used to pump and store your DEF are a critical consideration. Fleet managers often overlook the importance of investing in high-quality DEF equipment.

It would help if you purchased compatible DEF equipment that can safely handle the product without degrading. When the storage equipment begins to degrade, it will contaminate your DEF and damage your SCR system. The cost of repairs can be rather steep, especially considering the increased downtime.

2. Temperature

One of the critical environmental factors that you need to consider when storing your DEF is the temperature. However, the right temperature will depend on the quantity of DEF that a container can hold. Typically, smaller containers will come with detailed instructions on the correct storage temperature.

When bulk amounts of DEF get exposed to prolonged periods of high temperature, the degradation rate will be much faster. The DEF concentration will, therefore, be significantly affected by high temperatures.

3. Hire the Right Company

What you need is an industry-leading DEF storing and dispensing company. Understand that DEF costs are significant, and you need to store and handle it appropriately. You will get the most from your Diesel Exhaust Fluid when you hire a company with the necessary expertise and experience.

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